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Workation in the Mountains: Lesehotel Hallstatt Hideaway Mountain

Work & Relax in the Face of the Mountains

Unleash your creativity in moments of serene silence at Lesehotel Hallstatt Hideaway Mountain. Surrounded by nature's symphony, the aroma of over 12,000 books, and a breathtaking mountain panorama, your mind can wander, ideas can flourish, and creativity can soar. Embrace the freedom to focus on what truly matters and let your imagination come alive.

Immerse yourself in a realm of deep work as you find solace among majestic peaks and a vast collection of books. Experience the power of concentration, free from distractions, and unlock exceptional performance.

Workation and focus

Discover the key to unlocking creativity and motivation. Scientific studies have revealed that immersing oneself in unspoiled nature, a dynamic environment, books, silence, and reduced time pressure nurtures ingenuity and drive. Experience the perfect combination of these elements at Remote-Work in Hallstatt Hideaway Mountain - Lesehotel, where books, nature, and tranquillity create an ideal environment to rejuvenate energy and ignite inspiration. Stay connected with high-speed Wi-Fi, ensuring seamless workflow for emails, research, and video conferences.

Embark on a transformative work experience

Immerse yourself in ultimate comfort and tranquillity as you snuggle up in a cozy bathrobe, surrounded by the plushness of a plug & play reading bed, a height-adjustable desk, or ergonomically optimised seating in the light-filled living room. Free from distractions, experience the much longed-for work-life balance, allowing you to fully dedicate yourself to your tasks and enter a state of profound flow. Discover the incredible results of this inner balance, as described by happiness researcher Mihály Csíkszentmihályi.

"At the Lesehotel, work feels like a holiday and a holiday feels like a whole new attitude to life."

"Workation" encompasses more than just work and holidays.

No masterpiece is ever crafted without embracing extensive creative breaks, and at Lesehotel near Hallstatt, you can rejuvenate your senses, knowing that even the greatest authors have embraced this essential practice.

Experience the importance of breaks in your workation at Lesehotel near Hallstatt, where over 12,000 books invite you to explore new worlds. Embark on rejuvenating hikes through enchanting forests or embrace the joy of "la dolce far niente" - the sweet art of idleness. However you choose to unwind, deep relaxation, fresh perspectives, and unforgettable holiday moments awaiting you.

You want to devote yourself to your work undisturbed and in complete peace? The Lesehotel in the Salzkammergut offers the perfect setting.

Book your time out at the Lesehotel near Hallstatt now. We will be happy to answer all your questions by e-mail or personally on the phone at . Ask about the forest suite, which is equipped with an electrically height-adjustable desk and ergonomically optimised standing seat.