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Private lake access in Hallstatt's Hidden Gem: Lesehotel at Hallstättersee

Exclusive haven in Hallstatt for our guests only

Escape to the Lesehotel on the stunning Lake Hallstatt for an intimate and unforgettable retreat. Nestled in nature's embrace, this idyllic haven offers more than just books and hiking trails. As our cherished guest, you'll enjoy the exclusive privilege of the Hallstatt Hideaway, a private garden with direct access to the famous lake. Indulge in tranquillity, seclusion, and the romance of this hidden gem. Picture leisurely walks through lush gardens, captivating lake views, and the opportunity to immerse yourselves in the crystal-clear waters of Lake Hallstatt. Experience the enchantment of Hallstatt and create lasting memories on the shores of Lake Hallstatt.


Here's a special tip for your day trip to Hallstatt: Don't forget to pack your beloved book in your rucksack! Immerse yourself in a world of private reading pleasure, right on the serene shores of Austria's most exquisite Alpine lake.

Private retreat in Hallstatt

Unwind and rejuvenate with a holistic time-out at the serene Austrian Hideaway Lesehotel, nestled in the picturesque Salzkammergut nature region. Your tranquil retreat is complemented by a captivating cultural excursion to the breathtaking UNESCO World Heritage Site of Hallstatt, one of Austria's most enchanting towns. Hallstatt's historic alleys beckon visitors from across the globe, captivating them with their timeless charm and allure.

  • Embrace the enchantment of Lake Hallstatt's sparkling shores as you leisurely stroll. Explore the renowned Michael Chapel and immerse yourself in the world-famous ossuary
  • Embark on an educational journey through time at the captivating Hallstatt Salt Worlds, where history comes alive
  • Experience an exhilarating rush of adrenaline as you venture to new heights on the Skywalk Hallstatt, soaring 350 metres above ground level.
  • Uncover a wealth of cultural treasures as you explore the myriad museums and captivating exhibits in Hallstatt.
  • Immerse yourself in the tranquillity of the mountain lake as you glide effortlessly on a captivating boat tour over its gentle waters.


The most beautiful Hallstatt view

After a delightful stroll through Hallstatt, filled with captivating discoveries, it's time to once again indulge in tranquillity and immerse yourself in the world of your favorite book. At Lesehotel, all guests have exclusive access to a private garden on the shores of Lake Hallstatt, where you can bask in the lush greenery. As the sun caresses your skin, lose yourself in the pages of your beloved book, surrounded by the soothing melodies of birdsong and the most breathtaking view of Hallstatt. Enjoy the perfect blend of natural shade, serene ambiance, and literary bliss as you create unforgettable moments in this idyllic sanctuary.

Would you like to enjoy a serene time-out with your very own private bathing spot in Hallstatt?

The Lesehotel in Salzkammergut offers the perfect setting. Book your time out at the Lesehotel near Hallstatt now. We will be happy to answer all your questions by e-mail or personally on the phone.