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Plug & Play Reading & Read-Aloud Bed | Lesehotel am Hallstätersee

Restful sleep, reading and relaxation

There is nothing better than a good night's sleep to get away from it all and relax. Reading is the ideal activity to do before bed, thanks to the relaxation it brings. Experts recommend reading for at least half an hour before going to sleep each night, as it releases tension in the brain, relaxes muscles and helps us fall into a deep sleep. So on your holiday, make yourself comfortable every night before bed and immerse yourself in a novel. This is a very healthy habit that will help you return from your holiday even more relaxed and energised.

A very special sleeping experience

Gregor Wöckel is the chief designer of the company UNYKAT. With Gregor we have developed the Plug & Play reading & bed. The bed can be positioned in the room as you feel comfortable. Not everyone sleeps equally well in every cardinal direction and those who stay in bed all day may not always want to face the same direction. We thank Instagram and the blessing with such beautiful ideas! The Plug & Play Read & Aloud Bed hangs from a kind of umbilical cord that powers it. It has an ergonomically shaped back with lumbar support for hours of reading.

Reading aloud experience with all senses

The elaborate construction offers space for many books and has charging stations for e-readers or smartphones - shielded from the reader's head, of course! A carbon grid shields radiation and ensures a peaceful sleep. Each bed has acoustic units that allow sound to be optimised to the human voice, thus enabling the reading experience to be enjoyed with all the senses.

Finally! - I need this for home!

The Plug & Play Reading & Read-Aloud Beds are handmade and can be ordered through the Reading Hotel. Please contact one of our hosts or Austrian Hideaways GmbH. We will take care of your wishes!

You want a holiday in which you neither want nor have to leave your bed? The Lesehotel in Bad Goisern offers the perfect setting.

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