Glacier & Lakeview Room

25 - 29 m²

Room with the Dachstein mountains and Lake View

Awaken to the most breathtaking panoramic view, a sight to behold during your sojourn at the Lesehotel. Allow us to recommend the Glacier Room, where vistas unfold in all their glory. From the meticulously crafted Plug & Play reading and storytelling bed, and the expanse of the open balcony, it's as if you're nestled amidst the grandeur of the majestic Dachstein massif view. Sleep as if upon a billowy cloud, not solely for the celestial panorama, but also the embrace of Mühldorfer's premium bedding, which bestows a blissful repose.


Books: All rooms in the Reading Hotel are regularly stocked up with numerous new, popular and well-known books from well-known publishers.

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