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Reading with all senses

20 publishers 20 rooms

17 rooms and 3 private suites each inspired by a publishing house and equipped with new publications. A vertical library over four floors, a reading room, a living room and a dining room, a guest kitchen for cooking and reading together, terrace and garden to linger and enjoy. A private forest to breathe in and a view that makes your heart run over. Excellent wines, soulful hosts. That is the Lesehotel. A place for reading together, encounters and also seclusion and contemplation.

Reading and thinking circles, workshops in which we learn to listen, write, read aloud and practise thinking together. Barcamps and other formats for encounters at eye level are the core of our being. We understand reading as a cultural technique for appropriating the world, alone or in community.


Books are food. They convey life.

everything possible

Breathtaking views over Lake Hallstatt and the Dachstein glacier are always distractions that are good for the soul.

When we hear a pleasurable sigh, we suspect that the eyes of our reading guests are once again immersed in the lines of a good book. It is not so easy to decide...

Today, books and guests arrive at the Predigstuhl very conveniently via a road. In the 50s and 70s, the bricks and building components of the house took the cable car much more arduously! And because the house embodies a living history, we have preserved it! Very carefully, the statics were adapted and the building services brought up to date. On the roof, three   breathtaking reading bunks enrich the perceptual horizon of the guests. who can enjoy reading here all day long. Again and again they let their gaze glide over the lake, the mountain panorama and the forests, take a deep breath and let themselves fall into the dreamlike silence. At night, it is so dark up here that the stars can shine with a very special power. A truly magical place!

five plus 2

We devote ourselves to five plus two cultural techniques:

  • Listening
  • Reading aloud
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Thinking


  • Dialogue
  • Play

In dialogue and play we resonate with each other. We open up and perceive each other and ourselves. In reading, writing and thinking we meet each other and in listening and reading aloud we relate to each other intensively.


Books are transfer media that communicate much more through design and haptics than just the content conveyed in the words. With the Lesehotel, we create a space that is defined by books and finds its purpose.

The backbone of the house is the vertical library. It gives the house a centre to which everything else can orient itself. If you follow the books from the cellar to the roof, you will find classics that inspire timelessly. Each room is sponsored by a publishing house and supplied with new publications. And our rooms will be as different as the publishers are!

Books are available on all topics of life and so in our kitchen you will find cookbooks that will inspire you to cook. That's why we have a guest kitchen! Here you can cook with and for your friends.

The spacious terrace invites you to greet the morning sun with yoga. Of course there are yoga books and mats!


The reading hotel nestles in the forest and invites you to settle down in the forest, reading and dreaming. Cradle loungers and hammocks between the trees, surrounded by fragrant medicinal herbs, invite you to linger and bathe in the forest.

Reading chairs, reading lights and reading bunks tempt you to pick up a book or two and immerse yourself. But the extensive hiking trails are also enticing. There is room for a book in every rucksack!

In winter, the high plateau of the Predigstuhl becomes the cross-country skiing arena of Bad Goisern. Those who want to conquer the forest off the tracked trails strap snowshoes under their mountain boots and enjoy the untouched landscape. The book waits patiently.

Reading Aloud

When the evening replaces the day, there is reading in the reading room. On the first Friday of every month, authors read their own or other people's work. Listeners give feedback and engage with each other. Hotel guests and locals meet. Together they decide which story will make it to brunch on Sunday.

On Sunday, people meet for brunch on the mountain. Sometimes with music, always with reading aloud and listening.


We experience life with all our senses. One cultural technique of which we are not always aware is the ability to listen (actively). Unlike speaking, listening is strenuous and needs to be practised. We offer seminars and workshops in which we train active listening and thus deepen our sensual experience of the world.

Writing and thinking ...... feeling

In writing we reflect, find access to the world and to ourselves. In workshops and seminars we approach the cultural technique of writing in different contexts. We invite editors and authors from our publishing partners to participate. Writing and thinking are, in the best case, connected with each other and through sensing. We go in search of traces.

Dialogue and play

In dialogue and play we open up, let ourselves in and react. Resonance arises and connects, opens new horizons, seduces and abducts. We will incorporate dialogue and play into all events and make them conscious as cultural techniques. They are ideal starting points for conquering the unknown and opening up the new. They create ideal conditions for dealing with change.


As soon as we have found our way into a normal hotel business, we will fill the LESEN.ART association with life. Members will then be able to participate in the events of the Lesehotel. Online from home or analogue on site. The time of the pandemic has enriched us with the gift of online events. We want to use this in post-pandemic times to stay in touch with our guests and offer everyone the opportunity to enjoy the formats we will develop together with the publishers. Anyone who feels like it is cordially invited to join in.

Writing at the Hallstatt Hideaway Mountain

Authors are cordially invited to write in the reading hotel. We offer a cuddle room in exchange for night watchman services and those who give reading coaching from time to time are also invited to dinner! Academic papers can also be written with us. So if you want to indulge in writing away from home distractions in the nature of the Salzkammergut, you will find a good setting for it here. Interested parties can contact us at any time.