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Reviews and Awards| Lesehotel at Hallstättersee

Captivating international magazines and heartfelt guest testimonials

Renowned travel magazines, including Lifestyle Hotels, Falstaff Hotels, and National Geographic Travellers Wellness Collection, along with our esteemed guests, have personally experienced and wholeheartedly praised the unique charm of the Lesehotel am Hallstättersee.

A holiday at the Lesehotel is refreshingly different - a hotel concept that is fundamentally different from other hotels and invites you to sustainable relaxation in its very own, gentle way.

International & Local Top Ratings for Lesehotel am Hallstättersee

"The Lesehotel is a luxurious property that draws inspiration from the world of literature," proclaims the prestigious "National Geographic Traveler The Spa Collection 2022" (link: Garnering high praise, the renowned Falstaff Travel Magazine (link: rates the Reading Hotel an impressive 85 out of 100 "Falstaff points". Notably, the hotel's unique concept resonates not only on an international level but also within the local community, receiving acclaim from both near and far.

Partner Hotel of the European Capital of Culture 2024

As an esteemed honour, the Lesehotel has been chosen as one of the exclusive partner hotels for the prestigious European Capital of Culture 2024. This distinguished recognition not only celebrates the hotel's commitment to the arts and literature but also signifies its integral role in the vibrant cultural landscape.

During the preparation and realisation of the Capital of Culture 2024, the Lesehotel will be a haven for renowned authors, influential personalities, and talented artists who will find inspiration and solace within its walls. This unique opportunity offers guests a chance to immerse themselves in the creative atmosphere and engage with these exceptional individuals, all while respecting their privacy and personal space. As a guest at the Lesehotel, you have the privilege of being in close proximity to these extraordinary minds, sharing the ambiance and experiencing the cultural energy that permeates throughout. Whether you seek stimulating conversations, artistic encounters, or simply wish to observe from a respectful distance, the Lesehotel provides the perfect setting for an unforgettable cultural experience. Indulge in the literary heritage, artistic collaborations, and the magic that unfolds within the walls of the Lesehotel, as it stands proudly as a partner hotel of the European Capital of Culture 2024.

This is how you actively shape the future of the Lesehotel:

Engage in shaping the future of the Lesehotel by actively participating in our feedback and review process. Your valuable input, whether shared directly during your stay or through various online platforms, not only brings us joy and motivation but also contributes to the continuous enhancement of comfort and the overall experience for our esteemed guests. By providing constructive criticism and sharing your holiday experiences, you not only brighten the faces of our dedicated staff but also play a vital role in shaping the future of this innovative retreat.

Lesehotel Guest Testimonials: Voices of Delight and Satisfaction

"The Hideaway Lesehotel is an ideal retreat for those who want to get away from it all. It represents the perfect retreat that guarantees total peace, incredible comfort and pure relaxation! For any bookworm, the Hideaway Bad Goisern is a paradise, the selection from cookbooks, science readings to adventure or romance novels is limitless... Highly recommended!" - Mr H.

"I came to the Lesehotel to work & slow down at the same time - both worked from the first second. Surrounded by books, a breathtaking mountain panorama and a pleasant, blissful calm, you find inspiration & life energy again. The staff is incredibly friendly, the food excellent. You can have breakfast served all day long, whether it's to your room or your own personal favourite spot in the hotel

(and there are many ;-)). I will definitely be back!" - Mrs K.

"A great hotel in beautiful surroundings, with a fantastic view. A small team that is passionate about their work and gave me a feel-good moment at all times. Here you immediately feel at home and and come to rest with a good book." - Mr R.

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