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Vegan cuisine | Lesehotel at Hallstättersee

Literary interlude infused into culinary delight

Nourish your body and expand your mind amidst over 12,000 books at the Hallstatt Hideaway Mountain - Lesehotel. Indulge in a culinary experience that combines mindfulness, regenerating tranquillity, and the finest ingredients, creating a devotional event for your taste buds in the special atmosphere of the 4-course evening menu.


Experience the delight of varied evening menus, including vegan and vegetarian options

Experience the joy of culinary exploration at Lesehotel am Hallstättersee, where every evening offers a delightful surprise with varied menus. Choose from vegan, vegetarian, or meat and fish options, lovingly served at your preferred mealtime. Embrace the tranquil ambience, enhanced by the presence of new publications on the dining room tables, inviting you to indulge in literary pleasure while savouring each course.

Mindful taste experiences await you

Savour the flavours mindfully, relishing every bite as you taste the variety of spices, the unique flavours of quality ingredients, and their delightful combinations. Through conscious eating, find inner peace and experience the nourishing energy and delightful benefits it brings to both body and mind.

The dining room is more than just a space for meals

In the dining room, alongside the delectable meals, you'll find a collection of new publications, including enticing cookery books, serving as a source of inspiration. They invite you to explore your culinary skills and make your taste buds tingle. For those who want to take their culinary journey a step further, the reading hotel offers an exclusive guest kitchen, allowing you to wield the wooden spoon and create your own delicious masterpieces. At the Lesehotel, the dining experience follows the motto "Anything goes, nothing is compulsory," giving you the freedom to decide how you want to indulge in culinary delights and create memorable dining moments.


  • Regular evening menu € 37,- p.p. (house guests € 27,- p.p.)
  • Sensual menu by and with Stefan Buhk Prices according to ingredients and expenditure

Would you like to spend some quiet time out with sensual culinary delights? The Lesehotel in Salzkammergut offers the perfect setting. Book your time out at the Lesehotel near Hallstatt now. We will be happy to answer all your questions by e-mail or personally on the phone.