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A collaboration of excellence: Hotel Dachsteinkönig and Lesehotel at Hallstättersee join forces

Culinary art, the art of cooking, breathes life into flavors and creations

The concept of culinary art has evolved beyond taste and national boundaries, considering the global impact of our food choices on climate change. As our world population faces the challenge of sustainability, the first question to address regarding culinary delights during a Reading Hotel holiday is: How can the planning, sourcing, preparation, and service be conducted in a manner that ensures a healthy and environmentally-friendly pleasure for our guests?

Sustainabile kitchen

At the Lesehotel, our vision is clear: we have created a holiday retreat where individuals can reconnect with themselves and prioritize their mental well-being. To promote not just mental health but also physical well-being, we have implemented a sustainable culinary concept. This concept not only prioritizes the health and enjoyment of our guests but also emphasizes the preservation of our planet. Through an intelligent partnership with the Familux family resort *****Dachsteinkönig, we ensure the mindful use of resources, further enhancing our commitment to sustainability.

The Lesehotel harnesses culinary synergies

At the Lesehotel, we take pride in providing our guests with a delightful combination of fine dining experiences and heartfelt, comprehensive care. To ensure a sustainable and exceptional experience, we employ a smart blend of in-house food preparation and collaboration with the esteemed Familux family resort *****Dachsteinkönig. Additionally, we offer fine dining through a remarkable partnership with Stefan and Alex Böck from the renowned Franz v. Assisi restaurant (link to private chef subpage), further enriching our culinary offerings.

The extraordinary collaboration between the Lesehotel and Familux Family Resort *****Dachsteinkönig

Through our well-structured collaboration with Familux Familienresort*****Dachsteinkönig, we gain access to a wide array of culinary delights that would typically be beyond the reach of a smaller establishment like the Lesehotel. This partnership allows our guests to pre-order their evening meals from the renowned Familux ***** kitchen, offering a diverse selection of vegan, vegetarian, and flexi (including fish or meat) menus. With a shared commitment to climate-friendly practices and the sustainable use of regional ingredients, Familux businesses perfectly align with the Lesehotel's sustainable holiday concept, making them an ideal cooperation partner.

Presenting Roland Rangger, the accomplished Executive Chef of *****Familux

Roland Rangger's exceptional talent shines through in his remarkable orchestration of a team of 30 chefs at Dachsteinkönig, where they skillfully create approximately 60 enticing meal variations, served five times a day, amounting to an impressive 400 to 700 daily meals for discerning guests with the highest expectations. With a mastery honed from providing culinary support for prestigious events like Formula 1 and Wimbledon, Rolli Rangger has been an integral part of the Mayer family's gastronomic journey since the inception of Dachsteinkönig in Gosau. Over the decades, he has fostered valuable relationships with exclusive suppliers, sourcing rare delicacies such as Wagyū Beef from Japan and Mangaliza pigs, as well as collaborating closely with local farmers. Notably, his partnership with Claudio Niederwieser, a trailblazer in fine vegetable cuisine, allows Rangger to create an extraordinary variety of dishes of impressive quality time and time again.

Looking to indulge in a serene escape filled with tantalizing culinary pleasures? 

The Lesehotel in Salzkammergut offers the perfect setting. Book your time out at the Lesehotel near Hallstatt now. We will be happy to answer all your questions by e-mail or personally on the phone