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Throughout the day, “pleasure seekers”can indulge in the joy of breakfast.

A rich brunch accompanied by a panoramic view

At the HALLSTATT HIDEAWAY Mountain Lesehotel, each day commences with a genuine sensory extravaganza, where breakfast transcends beyond a mere feast of freshly baked croissants, flavorful jams, and wholesome muesli varieties; it encompasses the aroma of fragrant coffee, the serene sunrise over the Dachstein massif, the embrace of a cherished book, and the delectable taste of locally sourced and nourishing natural ingredients, transforming morning indulgence into a captivating celebration of the senses.

“At the Reading Hotel, breakfast surpasses the boundaries of a mere meal, as it invites you to see, smell, feel, and taste, promising an immersive and captivating sensory journey.”

Breakfast on your terms: anytime, anywhere.

At the Lesehotel, breakfast is a flexible and personalised experience, allowing you to enjoy it in the cosy plug & play reading bed, the spacious garden with scenic views, or any other preferred location, offering the freedom to organise your days according to your own rhythm, with breakfast served all day and the option of having it in bed or at your favorite spot in the house or garden, embodying the motto "everything can, nothing must."

Indulge in sustainable enjoyment with every bite on your breakfast plate.

At the HALLSTATT HIDEAWAY Mountain, the contents of your breakfast plate are entirely customizable, thanks to a well-designed breakfast ordering system that allows you to personalise your own breakfast menu in advance. From fresh smoothies for a burst of freshness and vitamins, fragrant rolls, nutritious grain bread, ham, cheese, muesli, various egg options, jams, and fruit plates, there is a wide array of choices to satisfy your cravings. You can opt for vegan or vegetarian options as a base and also select animal protein options. The breakfast offerings are further complemented by warm soups, porridge, and steamed vegetables. Unlike crowded breakfast buffets, the Lesehotel serves the most important meal of the day with care and leisure, ensuring a lovingly and slowly curated experience. For those seeking a faster option, pre-ordering a packed lunch the evening before is available, perfect for hikers. However, most guests relish the gourmet breakfast as a pure luxury, dedicating hours to reading and savouring the experience.


Conserve resources

At the Lesehotel, prioritising sustainable practices and the responsible utilisation of food and natural resources is paramount. Through an efficient breakfast ordering system, we actively combat food waste, ensuring that we can still indulge in a delightful feast while minimising our environmental footprint.

We cater to all breakfast lovers, both house guests and external visitors.

In the Reading Hotel, the pleasure of breakfast amidst 12,000 books and the captivating view is not limited to house guests alone, as all bookworms and wanderers have the opportunity to savor the exceptional gourmet breakfast by pre-ordering it, ensuring a delightful experience in this literary haven.

  • Gourmet breakfast € 28,- pP (house guests € 19,-)

You want to spend some quiet time out with sensual culinary delights? The Lesehotel in the Salzkammergut offers the perfect setting.

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