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The very special

Guests browse through the many cookbooks and choose a recipe that a chef then cooks for all the guests. This is how cookbooks and guests create our menu, we are constantly learning and the guests order the cookbooks to take home.

Cooperation with Roland Rangger from the Dachsteinkönig

Thanks to the innovative spirit of the Mayer family, Familux Family Resorts, we are allowed to cooperate with the chef Roland Rangger and constantly learn more. Roli and his team cook for 400 guests in star quality every day - from time to time we are allowed to participate. Together we work on food concepts and think about the future. Sustainability and climate are always starting points.


The dining room is full of cookbooks! From vegan, vegetarian to flexitarian with recipes from all over the world! We have guests who come just for the cookbooks.

Sustainable culture of trust

Vegan - vegetarian enriched and on request with fish or meat:
Food is available all day and, if desired, also for the night or the very early morning!
The connoisseur's breakfast is served all day and in many variations.
Guests can take drinks and some of the food themselves at any time (our digital cash register system makes it possible for them to write their own consumption on the room bill) - but our hosts are also happy to serve everything at your seat, in a deck chair or in your room.

Enjoyable breakfast € 28 pP (house guests €19)
Evening menu €37 pP (house guests €27)

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